Jumping Pillow® Options

Jumping Pillow® Options

Jumping Pillows® come in bright colours and 5 standard sizes. They can be custom made to fit your requirements. Installation of a Jumping Pillow® usually takes only one day and it involves trench excavation. The Jumping Pillow® is a permanent installation. It requires a single phase power point for a small electric blower.

Colour Options
Colour options are red, yellow, blue, orange and green panels. Please bear in mind that the darker colours get hot in the sun which can make the experience of your users less enjoyable and limit the times they use it. You can maximise the available time to use the Jumping Pillow with the addition of a shade sail for protection of Jumers and pillow alike.

We can make a Jumping Pillow® to suit your available space. There are some basic criteria with regards to clear space around the installation, but if you give us a call we can talk you through the options and work out what is best for you.

Standard (finished) Sizes
Three Colour - 8.6m x 9.0m
Four Colour - 11.55m x 9.0m
Five Colour - 14.5m x 9.0m
Six Colour - 17.45m x 9.0m
Seven Colour - 20.4m x 9.0m
Super Seven - 20.4m x 10.0m

Jumping Pillow® Options

Shade sails and all weather covers
Create the perfect all-weather facility by putting a roof or shade sail over your Jumping Pillow®.

We can provide a variety of options for covering a Jumping Pillow®. We manufacture and install waterproof or shade only shade sails. We also erect engineered steel structures to span the pillow and these are covered with long-life PVC. These are specifically designed for your site. We design and make-to-measure shade sails, canopies and awnings from concept to completion. We can give you up to 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays with our top quality shade solutions

Many holidaymakers choose their destination based on whether the park has a Jumping Pillow® - and it increases their average stay time. Make your facility a go-to destination with a Jumping Pillow®.

Point And Go
Once we get your dimensions and specifications sorted out all you need to do is point where you want it and we do the rest. We offer a full installation service. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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